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Centaur Classic Motorcycles


Produced from 1901 to 1915, Centaurs incorporated innovative features like a gear-driven magneto. The 348cc V-twins were interesting motorcycles, though the enthusiasts of the day probably preferred the larger single-cylinder roadsters.

Bike Image Description
1911 Centaur 2hp 1911 Centaur 2hp
1960 Centaur Folding Scooter 1960 Centaur Folding Scooter

This particular Centaur apparently came from Tyrells Racing Factory in Woking when they closed down their workshops, and was rumoured to have been used by them as a paddock bike in the early sixties.

The engine is an American Clinton 49cc. It runs, and you start it like a lawnmower, with a pull-cord.

The scooter was manufactured by Lombard Industries in Massachusetts, between 1960 and 1962, and sold for $410.

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