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Charter-Lea Classic Bikes

Early in the motorcycle field, this firm not only made a number of different models but supplied a wide range of frame fittings that helped embryo firms get into production. In the early 1920s they tried to change their touring image into a sporties one and employed talented tuner Dougal Marchant as development engineer. He converted an ohv Blackburne engine to overhead camshaft and it became the first 350cc to exceed 100mph. Later, Marchant set a World Record Flying Kilometre for 350cc and 500cc motorcycles at 102.9mph for the firm, though the engine was his special and not the later face cam Charter-Lea engine. Few sports Charter-Lea models were sold but the firm was saved by winning the contract to supply AA Patrol sidecar outfits - 800 in total.

Bike Image Description
1903 Charter-Lea 350cc Charter-Lea classic bike  
1926 Charter-Lea 545cc 1926 Charter-Lea  
1923 Charter-Lea outfit 1923 Charter-Lea  

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