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Condor Classic Motorcycles


Despite the fact that it says Condor on the motor, it is a Ducati, the Swiss Army would only buy Swiss machines, Condor were the only Swiss manufacturer, they couldn't build enough of the right type, so they got Ducati to build them for them and re-badge them as Condors.

Bike Image Description
1929 Condor 350 1929 Condor 350
1949 Condor A580 1949 Condor A580 557cc, 195kg.
1953 Condor A580-I 1953 Condor A580-I 557cc, 195kg.
1953 Condor A580-1 1953 Condor A580-1 WWII Swiss Army military motorcycle. The engine is an original design copied from BMW and Zundapp boxer models. It is shaft driven, with side valves, and a 5 speed high and low gear ratios. It is extremely well built and will climb a "Swiss Mountain"! Also, notice the stainless tail pipes elevated so as to clear high water.
1956 Condor A580 1956 Condor A580
1963 Condor 350 1929 Condor 350
1972 Condor 1972 Condor Swiss army bike, 350cc.
1973 Condor 350 Condor 350 Approximately three thousand Condor 350s were produced for the Swiss army between 1973 and 1978. This is an excellent example of one of 500 Condor 350s manufactured in 1973. It is equipped with dual rifle mounts, saddle bags, and luggage rack. It also includes the original tool bag, goggles, chain lock with ID tag, plug pouch, link pouch and manuals.
1973 Condor A350 1973 Condor A350 "In the seventies the Swiss Army wanted a modern bike with a little more handling and power than the A250 had. Condor looked to the south and found Ducati. They again used only the engine with some minor modifications, it was detuned for more durability. An oil filter was added and the rear wheel could be removed without loosening the chain. Why Ducati never used the changes themselves is a mystery. The 350cc engine was rubber mounted to keep the vibrations low.
1975 Condor A350 1975 Condor A350 170kg.
1975 Condor A350 Condor A 350 The Condor A350 is most likely the best known Condor in Europe. Between 1973 and 1978 they made 3000 motorcycles with the Ducati engine. The number seems to confirm Mr.Schaller's story because of the Condor factory's limited production capacity. 1500 A350’s are still in use by the army, though by Spring 2001 they will be replaced with a BMW 650 single cylinder."
1975 Condor A 350 1975 Condor A 350 Information from Mr.R.Schaller, the designer, says that the A350 was produced in Courvaivre and only the engine came complete from Italy. Rumors say that the complete A350 was built in the Ducati factory and imported through a backdoor of the Condor factory. These conflicting stories are probably due to the fact that the Swiss Army demanded a bike that was completely produced in Switzerland, so that in an emergency they could be assured of parts and service.
Condor 350 Condor 350

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