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Cyclaid Classic Bikes

The manufacturers of the Cyclaid used to make aero engines and cars at their factory in Raynes Park, London before WWII and were known as British Salmson. The Cyclaids were made at their Lanarkshire factory and were sold between 1950 and 1956, so this is a late example (Engine No. 4072). Not many machines were sold because of alleged poor marketing and I have been told that there was a notable design fault in the fuel tank filler cap that allowed fuel to occasionally spill out of the breather hole and onto the saddle and HT lead below. Perhaps it was designed to aid acceleration for the unwary rider.

Bike Image Description
1955 Cyclaid Cyclaid

An example of one of the rarest marques of cyclemotor; the belt driven Cyclaid.

The 31cc two stroke motor and belt mechanism are mounted on a Hercules gents bicycle frame with an enclosed chain case and Thapex Premier bicycle pump included. Miller dynamo lights are fitted together with SA two speed gears for when the belt is detached and the bike is used in pedal mode. The cable to the gear selector has snapped, but everything else (brakes etc) appears operational. Period reviews indicate that the engine produced 0.7 h.p. at 3,500 r.p.m. returning 212 m.p.g. on a 28:1 petroil mixture. The list price in 1954 was £24.

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