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CZ Classic Motorcycles

CZ was founded 1919 in Strakonice. Although it originally started out manufacturing weapons, in 1932 CZ produced its first Motorcycle. During the 1950s, CZ joined forces with the "Jawa". During the 1960s and 1970s, CZ mainly manufactured bikes based on two Models: The 125/175 single-cylinder, and the 250 twin-cylinder. CZ launched the 350 "Typ-860" GP in 1969.

CZ signed for Cagiva to produce the new CZ and Jawa motorcycles in 1991. By 1997, the agreement with Cagiva failed.

Bike Image Description
1950 CZ 150 1950 CZ 150  
1964 CZ 453 CZ 453  
1965 CZ 470 Sport CZ 470 Sport  
1966 CZ 125 Works DOHC 1966 CZ 125 Works DOHC Four stroke works Single from 1966, DOHC, only 8 of this model were constructed by the official CZ racing department.
1966 CZ 125 1966 CZ 125  
1966 CZ Road King 1966 CZ Road King 125cc.
1969 CZ 476, 125cc 1969 CZ 476, 125cc
1972 CZ 400 CZ 400
1972 CZ400 CZ400
1973 CZ 250 1973 CZ 400 CZ enjoyed a great deal of popularity in the US during the late 1960's and early 1970's. If you raced motocross, CZ was the bike to have. It remained that way until mid 1973 when the Honda Elsinore 250 arrived. Sales would never be the same for the Czech factory and by 1976, CZ's were seldom seen on American motocross tracks.

1973 was the first year of the coffin tank. This bike is fairly original with the exception of the front fender which has been replaced with a reproduction plastic item. The Jikov carburetor was replaced with a Mikuni when the bike was first sold. This was a common practice for dealers as was changing out the points ignition for an electronic one.

1973 CZ 380 1973 CZ 380
1973 CZ 125 Sport 1973 CZ 125 Sport
1974 CZ 400 1974 CZ 400
1974 CZ 175 Sport 1974 CZ 175 Sport
1975 Falta CZ 250 Falta CZ 250  
1975 CZ 250 Centerport 1975 CZ 250 Centerport

The bike featured here is a special construction CZ250 centerport. This bike was built by Eric Johnson, owner of OLD S'Cool MX Restorations in California.

Everything is brand new except the fork sliders, hubs and engine cases. The bike runs better than stock with a little extra pep. Five speed 250 Falta gear ratio transmission that shifts like butter with a dry clutch. All in all a great little CZ in which I thoroughly enjoyed
taking on. You don't see very many of these around".

1975 Falta CZ 250 1975 Falta CZ 250

Patterned after the 74 works bike that Russian, Jaroslav Falta rode during the 1974 season. This, limited production, CZ 250 featured an improved engine and frame geometry, air shocks and an aluminum gas tank held on by a strap. This was as close to the CZ works bikes it got.

1975 CZ 175cc 1975 CZ175 Image supplied by
1975 CZ 250 Sport CZ 250 Sport
1976 CZ 175 Sport 1976 CZ 175 Sport
1976 CZ 400 1976 CZ 400 The modifications included laid down shocks, Preston Petty Fenders and Mikuni carburetors.
1976 CZ 400 Centerport 1976 CZ 400 Centerport The bike featured is a special construction CZ designed to resemble the 1975 CZ "works" bikes.
1976 CZ Falta 400 1976 CZ Falta 400 Featured here is a 1976 Falta CZ 400. It's fairly stock with Ohlins shocks, front fork internal modifications, 36 Mikuni and a GP seat. The aluminum tank was custom made in the late 1970's. The pipe is a custom made and offered by CR High Performance.
1976 CZ 200 1976 CZ 200
1976 CZ Model 476 Mark III Deluxe 1976 CZ Model 476 Mark III Deluxe
1977 CZ 175 1977 CZ 175
1977 CZ 477 175cc 1977 CZ 477 175cc
1978 CZ Jawa 250 Sport 1978 CZ Jawa 250 Sport
1978 CZ 175 Trail 1978 CZ 175 Trail
1979 CZ Jawa 250cc 1979 CZ Jawa 250cc
1990 CZ 472 CZ 472

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