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Ducati Darmah Gallery

The Ducati Darmah is in all respects a thoroughbred motor cycle in the best tradition of the great Italian manufacturers. Named after a fictional tiger, the Darmah does have something of a tiger quality with its effortless power and agility. The power unit of the bike is a 900 vee-twin engine mounted longitudinally in the frame with the rear cylinder offset to the right of the front. Like the other large Ducatis, it has a capacity of 863.9CC but only the 900SS shares the same desmodromic valve system, as designed by famous race-engine builder Fabio Taglioni. Although not as well endowed with horsepower as some Japanese bikes, the 65-yobhp put out by the engine has to power considerably less weight than the competitors, so performance is not that far behind. Standing start quarter mile takes just over 13secs.

As with all big Ducatis, fuel consumption is excellent, being between 45-50mpg most of the time. Where the bike does score over opponents is' in the handling and road-holding sector of performance for, with lightweight, good balance and a sturdy frame, this bike is just about the quickest on a twisty road. Like Vincent, Ducati use the engine as an integral part of the frame with the front downtubes bolting on to the bottom of the crankcase, having the cylinders one behind the other makes the bike narrow so that the handling and roadholding can be exploited to the full. Other now almost standard Italian chassis parts include Brembo discs all round, Ceriani forks at the front and good-looking but expensive Campagnolo wheels.

The Darmah features neat tank and tail bodywork which, with subtle striping, look neat and racy. Also, Nippon Denso instruments have been put on to replace the suspect items of older models and an electric start. The Darmah is the touring version of the famous 900SS which has a 9.5:1 instead of 9.4:1 compression ratio and the option of 40mm instead of 32mm carburettors. With a dolphin fairing less weight by virtue of a manual starter and more power (80bhp is claimed), the 900SS is an unashamed road racer and top of the Ducati range.

Bike Image Description
1978 Ducati 900 SD Darmah Ducati 900 SD Darmah Air cooled, four stroke, 90°“L”twin cylinder, SOHC, desmodromic 2 valve per cylinder.
1978 Ducati 900 SD Darmah 1978 Ducati 900 SD Darmah  
1978 Ducati Darmah 1978 Ducati Darmah 900cc.
1979 Ducati Darmah 900SD 1979 Ducati Darmah 900SD
1980 Ducati Darmah SSD 1980 Ducati Darmah SSD Built by Broncato Engineering.
1982 Ducati 900 SSD Darmah 1982 Ducati 900 SSD Darmah  

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