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Evans Vintage Bikes

The 119cc Evans Power-Cycle was manufactured by the CycleMotor Corporation between 1919 and 1924, both as a complete machine and as a separate cycle-attachment engine. Various Evans motorcycles were exported to Europe.

After CycleMotor ceased production around 1924, manufacture passed to Stock-Motorpflug A.G in Berlin, who made them until 1933 under license and sold them under the name 'Stock.' Tax records from Berlin show Stock was only in business from 1924 - 1933. Later models had a 3hp engine with shaft drive.

By the mid-twenties, however, motorcycle design had improved and prices had been greatly reduced for lightweight motorcycles; even small cars were now sold for under £100. As their production costs were high, cyclemotor manufacturers could not compete, and the era of cyclemotors and cycle-attachments came to an end (just as it did in 1955 with the introduction of the first mopeds).

Bike Image Description
1919 Evans Power-Cycle 119cc 1919 Evans Power-Cycle 119cc This fabulous old motorcycle is not only rare in Great Britain, but very rare in the United States too. The Cyclemotor Corporation supplied this engine and petrol tank as a kit to fit to your own bicycle. Motorcycles were still very basic at this time, and cycle-attachments such as this were popular options.

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