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FN Classic Motorcycles

FN Classic Motorcycles

To many enthusiasts the FN four has always been one of the most appealing machines of veteran and vintage times. Its production ran from 1905 till 1926. The earliest type had a 363 cc engine with automatic overhead inlet valves and side exhaust valves. The machine was single geared, had shaft drive and the top speed was about 60 km/hour. The earliest four-cylinder FN was used by Osmont on a widely publicised journey through Europe in November 1904, terminating at the First World "Salon de l'Auto" in Paris.

Except that the front fork was unsprung, the machine was similar to the first production model for 1905: the "Type A". The major dating points for this model are the finless cylinder heads, the absence of windows to check the oil level in the crankcase, and the straight inlet manifold that curves down to meet the carburettor mounted behind the cylinders The FN four was an immediate success and found customers all over the world; FN sold its machines in more than 40 countries. It found many customers in the U.S.A. and made Americans interested in the four cylinder concept: Percy Pierce purchased a 1908 model on one of his trips to Europe and the FN became a point of reference for the first Pierce Four in 1909.

The first motorcycles produced were fitted with either 225cc and 286cc single cylinder engines and were followed in 1905 by the introduction of the first of the famous in line four cylinder models displacing either 496cc or 748cc. As a means of promoting the new design M F Osmont rode an example around Europe before arriving outside the Paris Salon for the opening of the 1904 exhibition. In 1909 a new lightweight single cylinder model was introduced weighing 120lbs.

Bike Image Description
1905 FN 4cyl, 363cc 1905 FN 4cyl, 363cc
1910 FN 4cyl, 500cc 1910 FN 4cyl, 500cc
1912 FN 4cyl, 500cc 1912 FN 4cyl, 500cc
c1914 FN Motorcycle FN Motorcycle

This particular 204cc machine was restored during the nineteen eighties and has subsequently resided in a museum. It displays the innovative engineering that characterised FN products with the engine being suspended between a twin down tube frame with the crankshaft running in line. It is fitted with a front lamp and carries an oil can in a mounting on the rear mudguard. The brass fuel tank is complimented by black cycle parts and plated front forks.

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1924 FN M50 Combination, 748cc 1924 FN M50 Combination, 748cc In the autumn of 1923 the model M 50 was marketed: the machine got chain drive and the flywheel was enclosed by the crankcase, to name a few new features. But the days of the FN four were almost over now: the new and successful 348 cc OHV single M 60 was much cheaper and almost as fast. At the end of 1926 M50 production came to an end.
1925 FN M50, 750cc 1925 FN M50, 750cc
1927 FN M70 Sahara 1927 FN M70 Sahara
1930 FN 500cc OHV 1930 FN 500cc OHV
1932 FN M67, 496cc 1932 FN M67, 496cc
1949 FN M13 1949 FN M13 Overhead valve engine, trailing spring fork " FN patent", only 83 units were produced.
1960 FN 75cc 1960 FN 75cc  

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