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Frera Classic Motorcycles


    The company, founded by Corrado Frera, started as manufacturer of rubber bicycle accessories and went on to produce bicycles. Frera became active in motorcycle trade in the early 1900s and marketed their first motorcycle under the Frera name in 1906. The company was one of the leading Italian manufacturers till the 1950s, when motorcycle production ceased.

    Bike Image Description
    1931 Frera Legere, 175cc 1931 Frera Legere, 175cc The 1931 range consisted of 9 machines ranging from 175 cc side valve to 493 cc ohv. This machine is in original, unrestored condition. It still has the 1958 tax disk in the holder and is equipped with Dell Orto carburettor and, Marelli magneto. The gearbox with 3 speed hand change was furnished by Burman. Engine dimensions are 53x79 mm, top speed is 70-80 km/h.

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