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Gilera Classic Motorcycles

Gilera Classic Motorcycles

Gilera's history has its roots in the early part of the twentieth century. The first motorcycle to bear this name, the VT 317, was produced in 1909 by Giuseppe Gilera. In the years following World War I, Gilera produced the 500 cc side valve motorcycles that went on to win major international races. From the mid-Thirties the production of motorcycles with a valve in the crankcase, such as the "Quattro Bulloni 500" and the "Otto Bulloni", began.

The "Rondine", a futuristic cross-racing bike with a four cylinder 500 cc engine, dates to 1936. The motorcycle set several world records (274.181 kph on a flying run in 1937: a record that remained unbeaten for almost two decades) and won Dorino Serafini the 1939 European Championship. After the war Gilera presented the new Saturno 500 and a range of medium-high displacement motorcycles. The four cylinder 500 cc became the new winner: Umberto Masetti was world champion in 1950 and 1952, followed by Geoff Duke (three wins) and Liberati (one title). Gilera also collected six manufacturer's championship wins, three Tourist Trophies, seven Italian titles and an impressive record win by Bruno Francisci at the Milano-Taranto race.

In all Gilera won 44 international Grand Prix titles before its exit from racing in 1957. It was also a strong contender in off-road racing, dominating several International Six Day races. Standard production models included medium-displacement bikes such as the Giubileo, Rossa, Turismo and the Sport. In the higher displacement range, besides the Saturno, the 300 dual cylinder deserves a mention.

In 1969 Gilera became part of the Piaggio Group which undertook a complete reconstruction. It re-launched the historic dual ring brand, transferring it to the production of small and small-to-medium displacements on a range of on and off-road models. Innovations such as the production of the ground breaking 125cc Dual Cylinder Cross motorcycle highlighted the Gilera name again, this time in cross racing.

Bike Image Description
Gilera Saturno Gilera Saturno Libero Liberati (Terni, 20th September 1926 - 5th March 1962) won the Motorcycle World Championship 500cc class in 1957, with a total of 32 points. In the year 1957 he won 4 races of the World Championship: Hockenheim, Francorchamps, Belfast and Monza. It is in the circuit of Monza that Liberati became World Champion, racing on a four cylinder Gilera 500cc.
500cc Gilera Gilera 500cc
  • Engine: 4 stroke, 4 cylinders, double overhead cams. air cooled.
  • Carters: magnesium
  • Capacity: 499,99 cc
  • Bore / stroke: 52 / 58.8 mm.
  • Power: 70 hp @ 10 000 rpm
  • Gearbox: 5 speed.
  • Mass: 150 kgs
  • Top Speed: 250 km/h ( 155 mph )
1955 Gilera 300B 1955 Gilera 300B
1955 Gilera Mosca Bianca 125 cc 1955 Gilera Mosca Bianca 125 cc Extremely rare ex-works Gilera 125 from 1955 with a very respectable race history. Ridden by the official team rider Gilera Romolo Ferri who won the Grand Prix Solitude 1956 (lap record at an average of 138,900 km/h) on this bike in front of all comers, including Ubialli (MV) and Provini (Mondial).
1956 Gilera 125 1956 Gilera 125  
1956 Gilera 175 Milano - Taranto (ex-works) 1956 Gilera 175 Milano - Taranto (ex-works) The extremely rare 1956 Gilera 175cc Milano - Taranto (one of the eight built) is an authentic factory bike.
Ridden by the Italian Carissoni during the legendary Italian Milano - Taranto endurance event in 1956.
On the 27th of Spetember 1957 the three Italian manufactures with an official GP racing team, (Gilera, Moto Guzzi et Mondial) announced their decision to quit official competition.
The Gilera racing department was wound up and the bikes were sold finding pride of place in several collections.
1956 Gilera 500 GP ex-works 1956 Gilera 500 GP ex-works Between 1950 and 1957, Gilera won six 500cc world championships with riders Umberto Maseti, Geoff Duke and Libero Liberati. This domination came about mainly thanks to its 4 cylinder twin overhead transversal cam engine. In the 60's, MV Agusta took up this engine design and soon became the reigning world champion. This 4 cylinder transversal cam engine architecture was also soon taken up by the Japanese with the same level of success.
Gilera 500-4 Racer Gilera 500-4 Racer
  • Engine - air-cooled, 499cc DOHC four
  • Top Speed - 155mph (over 165mph with dustbin fairing
  • Horsepower - 70bhp @ 10,500rpm
  • Transmission - 5 or 7 speed
  • Frame - tubular steel twin cradle
  • Brakes - double drum/drum
  • Launched - 1956
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    1957 Gilera G150 Grand Turismo 1957 Gilera G150 Grand Turismo
    1957 Gilera Mosca Bianca 125 cc 1957 Gilera Mosca Bianca 125 cc This ex-works twin 125 Gilera from 1957 was ridden by the Gilera works team rider Giovanni Lombardi. Twin cam shaft this bike is in an exceptional state of conservation.
    1959 Gilera Guibileo Extra Gilera Guibileo
    • 98cc.
    • 4speed gearbox
    • power output 6hp
    • top speed 50mph
    • fuel consumption over 100mpg.
    1960 Gilera Rossa Extra Gilera Rossa Extra 125cc 4 stroke.
    1964 Gilera Guibileo 1964 Gilera Guibileo 100mpg, 4-speed, 7bhp, 65mph.
    1964 Gilera Guibileo 1964 Gilera Guibileo 124cc.
    1964 Gilera 124 Sei Giorni Speciale(six day special) 1964 Gilera 124 Sei Giorni Speciale(six day special)
    • 124cc-ohv
    • 4spd
    • 9hp
    • 100mpg
    • 72mph
    1966/67 Gilera Six Day Special
    Gilera Six Day Special

    Towards the end of the 1950Æs Gilera introduced a revised range of lightweight singles featuring parrallel valves and deep finned sumps. Offered in a range of engine sizes from 98cc to 175cc and specifications they helped provided a steady source of income during the 1960Æs.

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    1967 Gilera Sears 1967 Gilera Sears 106cc, 4-speed. Right side foot shift Left side brake.
    1967 Gilera 124 Militare Gilera 124 Militare 5-speed.
    1968 Gilera 5v Gilera 5v 124cc single 4 stroke  
    1969 Gilera 5v Autostrada Gilera 5v Autostrada 150cc.
    1969 Gilera 98 SS 1969 Gilera 98 SS
    1972 Gilera 50RS 1972 Gilera 50RS
    1973 Gilera 5V Arcore Gilera 5V Arcore Introduced in 1972, the new overhead valve Arcore models were offered in both 125 and 150cc forms. Although derived from the earlier four stroke singles that had sustained the company through the sixties, the new machines benefited from improvements to both the mechanics and styling.
    1973 Gilera RS50 1973 Gilera RS50
    1975 Gilera 50 Touring Sports Moped 1975 Gilera 50 Touring Sports Moped
    1976 Gilera 150 Strada 1976 Gilera 150 Strada
    1976 Gilera 50 Touring Gilera 50 Touring  
    1977 Gilera Trail 50 Gilera Trail 50  
    1977 Gilera GR2 1977 Gilera GR2 50cc.
    1978 Gilera 150 - 5V Arcore 1978 Gilera 150 - 5V Arcore
    1980 Gilera T4 Gilera T4  
    1981 Gilera TG1 125 Gilera TG1 Air cooled, two stroke, single cylinder.
    1981 Gilera TS50 Gilera TS50  
    1985 Gilera RTX 125 Gilera RTX 125 Two stroke, single cylinder
    1985 Gilera RX 250 Arizona Rally Gilera RX 250 Arizona Rally  
    1985 Gilera NGR250 Gilera NGR250  
    1985 Gilera KZ125 Gilera KZ125 Registered in Spain.
    1986 Gilera RX 125 Arizona Gilera RX 125 Arizona Liquid cooled, two stroke, single cylinder, reed valves induction.
    1988 Gilera Saturno Bialbero 500 Gilera Saturno Bialbero 500 Liquid cooled, single cylinder, four stroke, 4 valves per cylinder.
    1989 Gilera SP01 Gilera SP01 125cc.
    1990 Gilera SP02 Gilera SP02 Liquid cooled, two stroke, single cylinder, reed valve, 125cc.

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