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Henderson Classic Motorcycles

    With the phrase a new one from Detroit the Henderson factory introduced its first production model in November 1911. To underline its qualities Carl Stevens Clancy made a journey around the world with a Henderson four, covering a distance of 18,000 miles.

    Bike Image Description
    1917 Henderson 1917 Henderson
    1917 Henderson Model G 1917 Henderson Model G Inline Four. The 1917 Model G was the last of the true Hendersons. (The company was bought by Schwinn/Excelsior in the same year).

    This was the model that broke the USA coast-to-coast record:

    On June 13, 1917, Alan Bedell broke the transcontinental long distance record of 1915 (set by “Cannonball” Baker on an Indian Twin) when he rode his 1917 Henderson from Los Angeles to the city of New York - 3,296 miles in seven days, sixteen hours, and fifteen minutes.

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    1918 Henderson Z, 1200cc 1918 Henderson Z, 1200cc
    1920 Henderson K, 1305cc 1920 Henderson K, 1305cc From the 1912 model on yearly improvements were made in the design: in the fall of 1919 an entirely new machine was brought out, the model K. It had a bigger capacity engine and full pressure lubrication, a novelty in the motorcycle field. The valve layout was now side valves for both intake and exhaust and the cycle parts had all been beefed up to cope with grater engine power. Designer was Arthur Lemon, and he had done an excellent job: the model K broke many records in long distance, high performance and endurance tests. The K remained in production for about three years; its successor, the DeLuxe, would bring even more fame to the make.
    1922 Henderson DeLuxe, 1305cc 1922 Henderson DeLuxe, 1305cc The new DeLuxe engine developed 28 HP at 3,400 RPM on sole gear, giving it a top speed of 80 MPH. The machine became very popular with police forces because of its speed and reliability. This deluxe is basically unrestored: the engine has already been refurbished.
    1923 Henderson Deluxe Henderson DeLuxe  
    1923 Henderson Model X Deluxe Henderson Model X Deluxe 1304cc
    1925 Henderson Deluxe 1925 Henderson Deluxe Four-cylinder 1000cc.
    1925 Henderson Four Cylinder Delux 1925 Henderson Four Cylinder Delux  
    1926 Henderson DeLuxe Super 6, 1957cc 1926 Henderson DeLuxe Super 6, 1957cc Sometime in the twenties or thirties, it seems, some Henderson fours were converted to six cylinder machines. No mean feat, this involved a little more than cutting and welding: new crankshaft and camshaft had to be made and the frame had to be altered to accommodate the lengthy power source, to name a few of the complications. More room on the side of the engine gave the possibility to put magneto and dynamo in line. It is not known how many of these hybrid machines were made and by whom.
    1928 Henderson with Flexi Side Car 1928 Henderson
    1929 Henderson KJ, 1305cc 1929 Henderson KJ, 1305cc
    1929 Henderson Excelsior Super-X. 750 V-Twin motor 1929 Henderson Excelsior Super-X. 750 V-Twin motor
    • Bosch Magneto Dynamo
    • Schebler Bronze Carb
    • Corbin 130 km clock
    • Upgrated buffalo hide seat
    • Original lights and switches
    • Nice touch that it even still has the X marked on both the foot plates and grips. Has been well looked after.

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