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Husqvarna Classic Motorcycles

Husqvarna started producing motorcycles as early as 1903. In the beginning FN engines were used, around 1909 this was changed to Moto-Rêve. In the early twenties two models were introduced with their own side valve V-twin engine, of 992cc and 546cc capacity, the latter labelled model 180. At the time American V-twins were very popular sellers in Sweden, so it is no coincidence that the general layout of the model 180 bears a certain resemblance to the famous Indian Scout of the period; the carburettor fitted is an American Schebler, quite rarely seen on a European motorcycle. This Model 180 is a quality Swedish product, producing some 14bhp @ 4000rpm. Bosch electric lighting is fitted.

1966 marked the first year that Husqvarna began importing their machines to the United States for distribution to the American public. Husqvarna played a huge role in the development and rapid success of motocross in the United States. Edison Dye was the first and primary importer of these machines through his company, Med- International.
Along with bringing over the bikes, Edison also brought over several European motocross stars which included Thorsten Hallman, Bengt Aberg and many others. Within a few short years, motocross on American soil would never be the same!

Bike Image Description
1926 Husqvarna 180, 546cc 1926 Husqvarna 180, 546cc Husqvarna ca. 1926 model 180 546 cc side valve V-twin frame 211827 engine 3640
1927 Husqvarna 170, 546cc 1927 Husqvarna 170, 546cc
1955 Husqvarna "Novolette Sport" model 3531 1955 Husqvarna "Novolette Sport" model 3531 Very rare, 49cc.
1966 Husqvarna 250 1966 Husqvarna 250

This bike, serial number 66-049 arrived in the United States on February 10, 1966. This bike, along with nine others arrived in Long Beach of the freighter Lions Gate. They were the first Husqvarna's to arrive in the United States. Of the nine bikes, one of them, a 1966
360cc serial number 66-001, was Thorsten Hallman's race bike!

This bike was recovered in Imperial Valley in 1993. The restoration took 4 years to complete.

1967 Husqvarna 250 1967 Husqvarna 250  
1967 Husqvarna Cross 1967 Husqvarna Cross  
1969 Husqvarna Sportsman 360 1969 Husqvarna Sportsman 360  
1970 Husqvarna CR250 1970 Husqvarna CR250  
1971 Husqvarna Cooper Husqvarna Cooper  
1971 Husqvarna 360 1971 Husqvarna 360  
1971 Husqvarna 400 1971 Husqvarna 400  
Steve McQueens's Husqvarna CR400 Steve McQueens's Husqvarna CR400 Featured here is the very bike Steve McQueen rode in the film "On Any Sunday". This bike was ridden during the Elsinore Grand Prix. It's history has been confirmed by Don at VintageViking .com. Don was able to locate the original paperwork on the bike in files once kept by Edison Dye. As you may know, Edison was the exclusive importer for Husqvarna motorcycles for many years here in the United States.
1972 Husqvarna 450WR 1972 Husqvarna 450  
1973 Husqvarna CR400 1973 Husqvarna CR400  
1974 Husqcarna WR400 1974 Husqvarna WR400  
1976 Husqvarna 360 Cross Country Husqvarna 360 Cross Country  
1976 Husqvarna 360 WR (Cross Country) 1976 Husqvarna 360 WR (Cross Country)  
1977 Husqvarna CR125 1977 Husqvarna CR125
1978 Husqvarna 250 OR 1978 Husqvarna 250 OR
1978 Husqvarna CR390 1978 Husqvarna CR390
1979 Husqvarna WR390 1979 Husqvarna WR390
1979 Husqvarna CR390 Husqvarna CR390
1983 Husqvarna XC 500 Husqvarna XC500

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