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Kawasaki GPz550

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Kawasaki's first GPz550 of 1981 was not only the half-pint brother to the firm's GPz1100 muscle bike, it was also a mould-breaking machine in its own right. Until then, four-cylinder 550s (which at the time was the preferred middleweight capacity, the vogue for 600s didn't start until 1986) were general-purpose roadsters, with no particular performance emphasis. That changed with the mean and moody, black and red GPz.

When first revealed, it caused quite a stir 53bhp was quite something from a middleweight in those days. And even thought the little GPz relies on air-adjustable  forks and twin-shock rear suspension (an even racier Unitrack version followed in 1983), it's still a nippy urban tool that will happily keep up with the more modern stuff if the right hands.

  • Price new - £1614
  • Power - 53bhp
  • Top Speed - 115mph
  • Weight - 211kg