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Kawasaki GT750 Gallery

Bike Image Description
Kawasaki GT750 P2 Model Kawasaki GT750
  • Engine - 736cc, 4-stroke dohc 4
  • Top Speed - 125mph
  • Maximum Power - 74bhp
  • MPG - 48mpg
  • Production - 1983-1996
  • Weight - 227kg (500lb)
  • 1984 Kawasaki GT750 GT750 68bhp.
    1986 Kawasaki GT750-P4 GT750 P4 This is the well known and much praised Kawasaki GT 750 with shaft drive and electric start. They have a very good reputation for being tough and reliable. Performance figures from the superb 4 cylinder DOHC engine are; 74bhp, 125mph and over 50mpg.

    1988 Kawasaki GT750 1988 Kawasaki GT750 P5 model. It has a 738cc 4-cyl.engine with shaft final drive.

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