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Kawasaki S3 Gallery

In 1974, the 400 S3 replaces the 350 S2. Upon arrival, the 400 S3 also replaces the 350 S2 cuts in Kawasaki. This machine is not obtained by a simple réalésage engine, but the purpose of deep reflection.

With the 400, Kawasaki did not seek the maximum power. Despite an engine capacity above and carburetors largest (from 24 to 26 mm in diameter, the power falls to 42 hp, but it is obtained 1000 rpm lower. This is the couple that benefits of increased displacement, it rose from 4.00 to 4.32 mkg mkg, but as power, it is obtained 1000 rpm lower. Kawasaki's efforts have made the 400 S3 exploitable that 350 S2. Engaging benefits a disk and pump oil is also reviewed.

Towards comfort, the engine is mounted in part through silentblocs. The machine is therefore less sensitive to vibration. The general line, even if the machine is always easily identifiable thanks to the 3 exhaust systems, is now much more classic.

In 1975, Kawasaki S3A markets. The changes are primarily aesthetic. 1975 also lacks the end of the career of this medium-size machine. In 1976, a victim of the oil crisis, it is replaced by the 400 KH.

Bike Image Description
1974-75 Kawasaki S3 400 1974-75 Kawasaki S3 400  
1975 Kawasaki S3 A4 Kawasaki S3 A4  
1975 Kawasaki S3 400 Kawasaki S3 400
1975 Kawasaki S3A Kawasaki S3A
1975 Kawasaki S3A Kawasaki S3 American inport.

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