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Lea-Francis Classic Motorcycles


    In 1895 Richard Henry Lea and Graham Inglesby Francis formed a partnership to manufacture high quality pedal cycles in Coventry. Around 1910 it was decided to go into motorcycle manufacture. A prototype was built in 1911 and by August 1912 the product was thoroughly tested and ready for introduction to the press and public. Important features of the machine were the enclosed all-chain transmission, thoughtfully sited Bosch magneto, a sliding dog two-speed gear and a quickly detachable rear wheel. Quality of workmanship and engineering were on a very high level, comparable to the high standard set by John Marston's Sunbeam machines. For the 1914 season an additional model was introduced with a somewhat bigger 496 cc engine and at the end of 1914 a three speed gearbox was introduced. After the war the customer could choose for a JAP or M.A.G. engine of 496 cc. By mid 1924 production came to a halt. It is recorded that some 1,500 machines were made, of which around two dozen remain with us today.

    Bike Image Description
    1914 Lea Francis V-Twin, 430cc 1914 Lea Francis V-Twin, 430cc

    V-twin, 4-stroke, 2-speed with foot clutch.

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    1915 Lea Francis Lea Francis

    It was owned by Henry W. Lewis since the 1940's and was inherited by his son-in-law (current owner) in 2005 after Mr. Lewis passed on.

    Mr. Lewis raced in time trials in the UK in the 1950's. We have one record The Motor Cycling Club Ltd.- 32nd Land's End Trial on April 11-12th, 1952 in which he participated in the Class 1 - V.M.C.C. Solo Motorcycle trial.

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