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LMC Classic Motorcycles


    The Lloyd Motor Manufacturing Company was set up by Walter Lloyd in Ladywood, Birmingham. He had started the Quadrant cycle company together with his brother William, who had already left the firm earlier. In 1907 Walter left Quadrant after a big row and started his own business. He first marketed a 4 HP machine, soon to be followed by a 3 ½ HP model. Both models had inlet-over exhaust layout, with suction-operated automatic inlet valve. Some years later the engine configuration was changed to side valves for both inlet and exhaust. For the 1915 season customers could choose between the 3 ½ HP ( 85x88) 499 cc model or the 4 HP (89x 96) 597 cc version. There was also a choice in gearboxes possible: the standard equipment was a S.A. 3 speed hub gear, already a bit outdated for 1915. For an extra 2 pounds one could have the firm's own LMC 2 speed countershaft gearbox. A 3 speed S.A. countershaft gearbox was 6 pounds more expensive.

    Bike Image Description
    1915 LMC 3 1/2 HP, 499cc 1915 LMC 3 1/2 HP, 499cc This interesting early vintage sidecar combination was found under a collapsed shed in 1957; it had lain there since 1924….It is an older restoration, equipped with Sturmey Archer 3 speed gearbox and the combination is running well.

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