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Maico Classic Motorcycles

Maico Motorcycles was established by the Maisch brothers in 1926 in Germany. But is was after World War 2 that production became serious as sales boomed. The Maicowerk AG company closed in the 1983. A Dutch company took control of the assets. There is a small amount of Maicos being produced in Holland.

The Maicoletta motor scooter of the 1950s was one of the largest motor scooters produced by any manufacturer until the modern era. The engine was a single cylinder 247cc piston port 2-stroke (an export version featuring a 277cc engine was also produced for use with a sidecar), with four foot-operated gears, enclosed chain drive, centrifugal fan cooling and electric start. This was fitted to a tubular frame built on motorcycle principles with long travel telescopic forks and 14 inch wheels. The Maicoletta had a top speed of greater than 70mph, comparable with most 250cc motorcycles of the time. In the 1950s most scooters such as Vespa, Lambretta, were 125cc to 200cc with 8-10 inch wheels and a top speed of 55 to 60mph, so the expensive but fast and comfortable Maicoletta developed a following amongst scooter club enthusiasts.

Bike Image Description
1950s Maico Letta Scooter 1950s Maico Letta Scooter
1952 Maico Mobil MS 175 1952 Maico Mobil MS 175
1955 Maico M250 S 1955 Maico M250 S
1956 Maico Maicoletta 250 1956 Maico Maicoletta 250 The post war motorscooter was developed to provide cheap transport for individuals in a Europe recovering from the effects of World War Two. As countries recovered and their populations became more prosperous individuals sought more than just transport, greater affluence broadened individuals horizons. Vespa, the trend setter in scooter design addressed this market with machines such as the high performance 150 GS, other manufacturers, notably the Germans and British developed large capacity machines, displacing up to 300cc capable of carrying two people and luggage for long distances at high averages.
1957 Maico 1957 Maico The Maicoletta is known as the Rolls Royce of scooters. It is German and built by Maico using a modified crosser engine.
1966 Maicoletta 250cc 1966 Maicoletta 250cc
1960 Maico 250 B 1960 Maico 250 B
1966 Maico MX 1966 Maico MX
1969 Maico MX 360 1969 Maico MX 360
1971 Maico 501 1971 Maico 501
1972 Maico 501 1972 Maico 501
1972 Maico Radial, 400cc 1972 Maico Radial, 400cc
1973 Wheelsmith Maico 400 1973 Wheelsmith Maico 400 The Maico featured here is a 1973 Wheelsmith Maico. It has all the period correct Wheelsmith accessories. This bike also came with the correct Wheelsmith pipe and mounting bracket. Koni Poppy shocks on the rear. Wheelsmith break stay arm and break peddle, Wheelsmith foot pegs, Wheelsmith aluminum fuel tank with the correct "Montesa" plastic fuel cap, Wheelsmith pipe and mounting arm. Cross five (5) lace pattern on the rear wheel. Classic Wheelsmith handywork!
1973 Maico 125 1973 Maico 125 This bike was restored several years ago and remains in Clyde Williams collection. Clyde has been collecting vintage dirtbikes for nearly 20 years and has a very large and impressive collection.
1973 Maico 501cc twin Carb 1973 Maico 501cc twin Carb
1973 Maico Radial, 440cc 1973 Maico Radial, 440cc
1973 Maico 400 1973 Maico 400
1973 Maico 400 1973 Maico 400
1973 GP Maico Radial, 400cc 1974 GP Maico Radial, 400cc
1973/74 Seel Maico 125cc
Seel Maico

This intriguing and unique machine was built during 1973 by Horst Seel and Gert Bender for the 1974 Grand Prix season for use by Horst Seel. At the heart of this machine is an engine that is one of a very small batch built by the factory to a design that was different to the ôstandardö Maico racers of the period. The crankcases are sand cast items with separate oil compartments for the six speed gearbox and primary drive. A dry clutch is employed as are special crankshaft flywheels. Horst Seel designed and built special sand cast cylinders with nickasil bores increasing the power produced and special sand cast heads were fitted.

It is understood that two or three other machines were built by Seel and Bender but they are known not to have been fitted with the highly developed and specialised engine found in this example making this machine unique.

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1974 Maico Radial 440 GP 1974 Maico Radial 440 GP
1975 Maico 501cc 1975 Maico 501cc
1976 Maico Radial, 250cc 1976 Maico Radial, 250cc
1977 Maico AW 440 1977 Maico AW 440
1977 Maico AW 125cc 1977 Maico AW 125cc
1978 Maico Magum, 400cc 1978 Maico Magum, 400cc
1978 Maico 440 1978 Maico 440
1978 Maico MC250 1978 Maico MC250
1979 Maico Magnum 125 1979 Maico Magnum 125
1979 Maico 440 GS Enduro 1979 Maico 440 GS Enduro
1980 Maico 400 1980 Maico 400
1981 Maico 490 1981 Maico 490
1981 Maico 490 1981 Maico 490
1982 Maico Alpha 1 250 Maico Alpha 1 250 Powder coated frame, Wisco piston, new conrod, new bearings, new seals, 1st and 2nd new gears, new shift plate, new hooked rachet, new kick start shaft, new reeds, new Maico Racing power pipe exhaust and new plastics.
1984 Maico 500 SC Maico 500 SC  
1985 Maico 250 GME Maico 250 GME  

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