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Classic Manet Scooters

Slovakia's Povazske Strojirny concernh launched their first motorcycle in 1948, later becoming associated with Jawa and CZ under the nationalisation of the communist era. One popular and longest lasting creating was the Manet scooter, later sold in England as the Jawa Manet. In common with many eastern-bloc machines, the Manet was engineered with a strong well-sprung chassic and good weather protection to cope with the damaged post-war roads. It used a 50x50mm 98cc two-stroke engine with 4 speed foot gear change.

Bike Image Description
1948 Manet 90 1948 Manet 90
1949 Manet 90cc 1949 Manet 90cc
1952 Manet 90cc 1952 Manet 90cc
1958 Manet Scooter Manet Scooter