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Mobylette Classic Motorcycles

The Mobylette is a moped made by French manufacturer Motobecane. First introduced in 1949, the Mobylette enjoyed a 48-year history and production numbers exceeded 14 million bikes. In 1981, the Motobecane filed for bankruptcy, and ceased production of their moped line.

Bike Image Description
1959 Mobylette Moped
1959 Mobylette Moped This example of the Mobylette moped is finished in hand painted pale blue and fitted with a metal top-box, one pannier on the right hand side and a screen and canvas handlebar fairing.
1959 Mobylette Moped
Mobylette Moped A rigid framed Mobylette moped with unsprung front forks, hand finished in beige. The machine appears to be complete and is equipped with a rear carrier, full lighting set and horn.
1965 Mobylette Moped
Mobylette Moped This rigid framed Mobylette moped is finished in black and fitted with a top box, leg-shields, windscreen, front tool box , one pannier and a side mounted oil can holder.
1967 Mobylette, 49cc 1967 Mobylette, 49cc
1971 Mobylette Luxamatic moped, 49cc 1971 Mobylette Luxamatic
1973 Mobylette Moby X1 1973 Mobylette Moby X1 49cc.
1973 Mobylette SP93 Mobylette SP93
1973 Mobylette SP93 1973 Mobylette SP93 49cc sports moped.
1975 Mobylette Type 50, 49cc 1975 Mobylette Type 50, 49cc
Mobylette Cady Mobylette Cady

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