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Monet Goyon Classic Bikes

French motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1917 by Joseph Monet and Adrien Goyon. Joseph died in 1926 and was replaced by his brother Marcel. The company acquired Koehler Escoffier in 1929 and produced 100 and 500cc bikes.

The brand was reborn after the war with Villiers engines. Suffered commercial difficulties in 1950, the company ceased production by the end of the decade.

Bike Image Description
1949 Monet Goyon Sport 1949 Monet Goyon Sport 250cc.
1934 Monet Goyon 1934 Monet Goyon 350cc.
1955 Monet Goyon Starlett 1955 Monet Goyon Starlett 98cc.
1964 Money Goyon 125 Pullman Monet Goyon