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Montgomery Classic Bikes

Founded in 1902, the pioneer sidecar maker William Montgomery turned to manufacturing motorcycles in 1913. After the War his son moved the factory from Suffolk to Coventry where a wide range of motorcycles were made, the sporting Greyhound models with JAP engines and the 996cc superbikes (with eight-valve British Anzai engines) being notable.

Montgomery built a wide variety of bikes using bought-in engines ranging from 150cc Villiers two-strokes to 1000cc JAPs. A typical mid-1930s bike was the Greyhound, a 500cc JAP-powered single capable of 75mph (120kph). It was well made but expensive and Montgomery did not resume production after the Second World War.

Bike Image Description
1934 Montgomery De luxe, 350cc 1934 Montgomery De luxe, 350cc
1961 Montgomery Wards Montgomery Wards
1966 Montgomery Wards Riverside 125cc 1966 Montgomery Wards Riverside 125cc
1968 Montgomery Wards Riverside 125  1968 Montgomery Wards Riverside 125