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Motobecane Classic Motorcycles

    Motobécane was a French manufacturer of bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, and other small vehicles, established in 1923. "Motobécane" is a compound word made up of two colloquialisms stuck together. "Moto" is a slang word for motorcycle; "bécane" is slang for "bike."

    In 1981, Motobécane filed for bankruptcy, and was subsequently purchased by Yamaha and reformed in 1984 as MBK; the French company continues to make motorscooters, and has no relation to Motobécane USA, which imports bicycles from Taiwan and China, manufactured to their specification under the Motobécane trademark.

    Bike Image Description
    1924 Motobecane MB1 Motobecane MB1
    Motobecane MB1 Motobecane MB1
    Motobecane LT3 Motobecane LT3
    1932 Motobecane M2, 250cc 1932 Motobecane M2
    1933 Motobecane Model B 1933 Motobecane Model B
    1953 Motobecane D45, 125cc Motobecane D45
    1955 Motobecane Moby 125cc Motobecane
    1956 Motobecane Moby Scooter - 'Type M Montagne Lux' 1956 Motobecane Moby Scooter - 'Type M Montagne Lux'

    3-speed, 125cc.

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    1957 Motobecane 1957 Motobecane
    1967 Mobylette, 49cc 1967 Mobylette, 49cc
    1968 Motobecane Sports Speciale 1968 Motobecane Sports Speciale 49cc, automatic.
    1969 Mobylette Cady 1975 Mobylette Type 50, 49cc
    1971 Motobecane X1 Mobylette X1 Image supplied by
    1975 Mobylette Type 50, 49cc 1975 Mobylette Type 50, 49cc
    1975 Motobecane MobyX, 49cc Motobecane Moby X
    1975 Motobécane 125 GP (Championne de France) 1975 Motobécane 125 GP (Championne de France) This bike is an authentic official factory GP bike, run by the official Motobécane team in the 1975 Inter French Championship and in some of World championship events. The machine is complete and 100 % original and has been confirmed by its rider Michel Baloche after an inspection in August 2005. Powered by a two stroke, twin cylinder, liquid cooled twin carburettor, dry sump engine.

    Work on the 125 competition Motobécanes were started by Eric Offenstadt in 1974. In 1975 the factory created its own racing department which was entrusted to the engineer Jean Bidalot in 1976. Two riders Thierry Espié & Michel Baloche participated in the French & World 125 cc speed championships of 1976.
    Motobecane SP50 Motobecane SP50

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