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Motosacoche Classic Motorcycles


    In 1899 the brothers Henri and Armand Dufaux from Geneva, Switzerland, designed a little four-stroke engine. This compact unit could be bolted into the frame of any ordinary pushbike: The "Motosacoche" - which approximately means "engine-bag"- was born! Very soon the quality and practical utility of the invention became known even far beyond the Swiss territory. Gradually the engines became bigger and more powerful, twin cylinders were produced and the initial idea of a motorized pedal-bike was given up. The factory built complete motorbikes under the "Motosacoche" label, but kept on selling M.A.G. (Motosacoche/ Acacias/ Genève)-engines to many well known manufacturers in France, England, Germany, Austria and Italy. In France and Italy there were even factories producing Motosacoche motorcycles under licence.

    Bike Image Description
    1902 Motosacoche onbekend, 200cc 1902 Motosacoche onbekend, 200cc
    1908 Motosacoche onbekend, 225cc 1908 Motosacoche onbekend, 225cc
    1930 Motosacoche onbekend, 500cc 1930 Motosacoche onbekend, 500cc
    1936 Motosachoche Model 506 1936 Motosachoche Model 506 500cc

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