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Neracar Classic Motorcycles

Neracar Classic Motorcycles

USA, 1922 - 1928, Made by the Ner-a-car corporation in Syracuse NY. Was designed by Carl Neracher who had worked as designer for Cleveland motorcycles. ner-a-car history

The Ner-A-Car corporation stopped making Neracar's in the USA, after the 1924 production model, due to lack of popularity. Production also ceased in England in 1926; after a new luxurious and expensive hybrid model failed, the company closed it's motorcycle division. ner-a-car technical data

Images kindly provided by Ken Philp

Bike Image Description
1921 Ner-a-car 1921 Ner-a-car
1922 Ner-a-car Model A 1922 Ner-a-car Model A 1921-1926. 221cc 2-stroke engines, 2.5" bore and 2.75" stroke, like the early US models, but the cylinder is turned so that the inlet port is at the rear.
1924 Ner-a-car 1924 Ner-a-car Built in Syracuse New York , 211cc, 5 speed.
Ner-a-car - 1925 Ner-a-car
  • Engine - 350cc, single-cylinder side-valve four-stroke
  • Launched - 1921-1926
  • Gearbox - Srurmey-Archer three-speed
  • Wheelbase - 59in
  • Weight - 168lb
  • 1923 Ner-a-Car Model B 1923 Ner-a-Car Model B

    Also unique to the Neracar was the center hub steering system. The British Neracar was also known as the Sheffield Simplex version, as it was made under license by the Simplex Luxury Carmaker in Sheffield, England. It featured a larger engine 285cc two-stroke, and in 1925 was upgraded to a 350cc engine, known as the Blackburne and Model C.

    The American version engine size was increased to 15.5 cubic inch in 1924 and was known as the Model B.

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    1924 Ner-a-car US model 1924 Ner-a-car US model 1922-1927. 13.5 engine with a bore of 2.5" and stroke of 2.75".
    1924 ner a car English Model B 1924 ner a car English Model B 1923-1925. 285cc 2-stroke engines, 70mm bore and 74mm stroke, and have a cover on the transfer port on the right hand side.
    1924 Ner-a-Car Motorcycle
    Ner-a-Car Motorcycle This early example is believed to be an American built machine and is fitted with the 221cc two-stroke power-plant. An older restoration, it is attractively presented with a green livery.
    1925 ner a car English Model C 1925 ner a car English Model C

    1924-1927. No. 6, FG716.

    These bikes are different in that they have Blackburne 350cc 4-stroke engines, and a conventional 3-speed Sturmey Archer gearbox and clutch. The bodywork and brakes are virtually identical to the Model B.

    NER-A-CAR Blackburne NER-A-CAR Blackburne

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