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New Hudson Classic Motorcycles

Maintaining its heritage as one of Britain's most important motorcycle manufacturers, the famous CCM brand continues to keep its place in two-wheel history some thirty-five years after it was first conceived. Back in the 1970's the Bolton based factory produced some of its most winning machinery. With the company headed by its founder Alan Clews, those original bikes enjoyed some of the biggest successes ever, both on and off the track, as results were matched by sales. Some three decades later and the man that started it all is back in charge to create the next chapter of this great piece of British motorcycling history. Joined by his two sons, Austin and Russell, who themself has already played their own parts in bringing CCM this far, and his son in law Gary Harthern, the family has been successful in buying the brand back after several months of negotiations. With a plan to reinstall the values that made CCM so great back then, the Clews family has brought the company right back to its roots.

During the early vintage years New Hudson produced two models, a 211 cc light two stroke and this 87x100 model, priced at £ 100 solo and £ 125 as a combination.

Bike Image Description
New Hudson Autocycle New Hudson Autocycle
1913 New Hudson 3 1/2 hp IIIB 1913 New Hudson 3 1/2 hp IIIB
1920 New Hudson 1920 New Hudson 2-stroke de Luxe.
1921 New Hudson two stroke, 211cc 1921 New Hudson two stroke, 211cc
1922 New Hudson onbekend, 595cc 1922 New Hudson onbekend, 595cc The machine has internal expanding brakes, which is a rather advanced feature for 1922. The engine is New Hudson's own design, gearbox is Sturmey Archer 3-speed, magneto ML and carburettor Brown&Barlow, all quality fittings of the period. The sprung Terry saddle gives extra comfort. In the tax disc holder is still an original disc, expiring at december 31, 1925.
1930 New Hudson Model 80 New Hudson Model 80  
1931 New Hudson 1931 New Hudson 550cc side valve.
1946 New Hudson Autocycle NEW HUDSON AUTO CYCLE 1946
1947 New Hudson Autocycle 1947 New Hudson Autocycle Image provided by
1953 New Hudson New Hudson Autocycle 98cc, pedal start.
1955 New Hudson Autocycle 1955 New Hudson Autocycle  
1955 New Hudson 1955 New Hudson 98cc Autocycle.
1956 New Hudson Autocycle 1956 New Hudson Autocycle  
1958 New Hudson Autocycle 1958 New Hudson Autocycle
1958 New Hudson Auto Cycle 1958 New Hudson Auto Cycle 98cc.
1958 New Hudson 'Restyled' Model 1958 New Hudson 'Restyled' Model  

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