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Norman Classic Motorcycles

The Norman brothers started out with bicycles in 1921, and in 1937 (or 38) began building 98cc Villiers powered autocycles (the Norman Motobyk) and later took over the Rudge 98cc Autocycle. They also built motorcycles powered by Villiers engines of 125cc to 247cc. Normans were rebadged as Rambler in some countries. Early postwar machines used British Anzani 250cc engines, but they soon reverted to Villiers. During the 1950s they produced trials machines, fielding eight of these in the 1954 Scottish Six Day event.

Norman bought the German Achilles tooling in about 1957. Both Villiers and Sachs engines were used in their Nippy mopeds of 1957. In 1961 Charles and Fred Norman retired and sold Norman to the Raleigh group which produced machines for another year, in Nottingham, before ceasing production.

Bike Image Description
Norman Scooter Norman Scooter
1946 Norman Norman Motorcycle mk9d villiers engine.
1950 Norman 98cc Auto Cycle 1950 Norman 98cc Auto Cycle  
1950 Norman Model D Norman Model D Image supplied by
1952 Norman B2 Norman B2  
1952 Norman Motobyk Autocycle Norman Motobyk Autocycle

Model C 98cc Villiers.

Image kindly provided by

1955 Norman Cyclemate, 32cc 1955 Norman Cyclemate, 32cc
1955 Norman Cyclemate 1955 Norman Cyclemate
1959 Norman Nippy Moped, 49cc 1959 Norman Nippy Moped, 49cc
1960 Norman B2S Norman B2S 197cc Villiers engine. The machine is a standard B2S but has been fitted with a genuine B2 Sports tank, alloy guards and the engine has been mildly tuned to include a George Todd High Compression head.
1960 Norman Nippy, 49cc 1960 Norman Nippy, 49cc
1961 Norman B4 Sports Norman B4 Sports
1961 Norman B4 Sports 1961 Norman B4 Sports
1961 Norman Super Lido Norman Super Lido 49cc Sachs 2 speed engine.
1964 Norman Lido, 50cc 1964 Norman Lido, 50cc

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