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OK Motorcycles

OK motorcycles were manufactured from 1899 till 1939: from 1926, when one of the controlling partners left the firm, the company was renamed OK Supreme. The company had some success in racing in the twenties and was sufficiently well established to overcome the downturn in trade in the Depression years. From the late twenties the company used SV and OHV JAP engines only.

Following the dissolution of the founding partnership in 1927, Ernest Humphries appended Supreme to the original marque, and a year later OK-Supreme had won their first and only TT win in the Isle of Man with Frank Longman's victory. By the 1930s, all OK-Supremes were four-strokes with JAP or Matchless motors. After the Second World War, however, the logo only ever appeared on a few grass track racing bikes.

Bike Image Description
1913 OK Precision, 292cc 1913 OK Precision, 292cc
1930 OK Supreme, 500cc 1930 OK Supreme, 500cc  
1930 OK Supreme OK Supreme, 500cc New Zealand import. Will the current owner please contact - December 2009

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