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Rickman Classic Motorcycles

Rickman Motorcycles was established by Don and Derek Rickman and manufactured motorcycles from 1960 through to 1975. Initially the frame designs were for scrambles, and then for road racing. Later, in 1966, road bikes were produced as well. The first street legal bike used a Triumph Bonneville engine. Rickman initially supplied frame kits, as none of the major British motorcycle manufacturers would sell engines to them. The frame kits were built for many engines, including Triumph twins, BSA singles and Matchless.
Bike Image Description
1957 Rickman MKII Metisse 1959 Rickman Metisse

The MKI and MKII models were built originally in 1959 prior to Rickman using their own frames (effectively prototype Rickman's), before the launch of the first proper 531 tubing, Nickel Plated Rickman frame, the MKIII, which most people are used to seeing, including the re-production models available today.

It is widely understood and acknowledged that there were only ever 4 put together by Don and Derek Rickman. As these were effectively homologated TriBsa's.

Built and restored by Mr J Smith, Premiere Motorcycle Valeting and Restoration 07981 288282.

1964 Rickman Metisse Motocross Grand Prix 1964 Rickman Metisse Motocross Grand Prix This is the very best Rickman available, original Triumph engine and BSA gearbox (some bikes were originally equipped with the less prized Matchless engine). This bike was fully restored in the mid-90's and almost never ridden since, just enough to be kept in excellent condition.
1964 Rickman Triumph Metisse 1964 Rickman Triumph Metisse 650cc, 60bhp.
1969 Rickman Triumph 650 Metisse 1969 Rickman Triumph 650 The original owner was Skip Hatch #112 as stamped on the frame and painted on the sidecovers. Skip constructed this motorcycle in 68' or 69' and promptly won a lot of races in upstate N.Y. and won the championship that year.
1969 Rickman Metisse Mk 3 1969 Rickman Metisse Mk 3  
1970 Rickman Enfield Metissi Rickman Enfield Metissi
  • 52bhp at 6000rpm
  • 160kg
1970 Rickman Montesa 250 1970 Rickman Montesa 250 A very rare motor cross bike, complete and original. Rickman frame forks and brakes built around a Montesa 250 cc two stroke Engine.
1971 Rickman Monteas, 250cc 1971 Rickman Monteas, 250cc
1973 Rickman Triumph 1973 Rickman Triumph 750cc
1973 Rickman 250 1973 Rickman 250
1973 Rickman Montessa 250 1973 Rickman Montessa 250
1973 Rickman Triumph 1973 Rickman Honda Triumph
1974 Rickman Honda Metisse CR750 1974 Rickman Honda Metisse CR750
1974 Rickman Metisse Rickman Metisse Genuine 1974 Rickman Metisse with BSA Victor 441 Special.
1974 Rickman Kawasaki Z1 1974 Rickman Kawasaki Z1
1974 Rickman CR750 Rickman CR750
1975 Rickman T140 1975 Rickman T140
1975 Kawasaki Rickman Z1 1975 Kawasaki Rickman Z1

-Borrani alloy wheels

-Lockheed disc brakes w/ stainless braided lines

-Rickman special 41mm front end

-Girling shocks

-Motor is a 1973 Z1 Kawasaki 903cc

-K&N air filters

-Kerker exhaust header

-Chittum stainless steel megaphone muffler

1975 Rickman Honda 750 RC Rickman Honda 750 RC Air cooled, transverse four cylinder, four stroke, SOHC, 2 valve per cylinder.
1975 Rickman Kawasaki 1975 Rickman Kawasaki The motor is a 13.5 to 1 1200cc Z1 fully ported & built for racing. (Race gas only) I rebuilt / restored the bike in 1998 when PM wheels and brakes added, and replaced the frame and running gear.
1975 Kawasaki Rickman CR900 Kawasaki Rickman CR900 Kawasaki Rickman CR900 Gallery
1978 Rickman Trident Métisse cafe racer 1978 Rickman Trident Métisse cafe racer
  • Black oil bearing frame is made from high-quality 531 Reynolds-tube with 32 mm outer diameter and 1.5 mm wall thickness.
  • AP Lockheed cast-iron twin discs front.
  • AP Lockheed cast-iron single discs back.
  • Stainless braided hydraulic cables.
  • 18" alloy Rims.
  • Fibreglass tank.
  • Quick acting throttle.
  • Rear shocks koni, Swinging arm box section Alloy.
  • Alloy electrical box, electronic ignition and regulation.
  • Engine 750CC Triumph T160 fitted from new.
  • Carbs Amal with 3" velocity stacks.
  • Exhaust system 3 into one.
  • Instruments:- Smiths. 
1980 Rickman Kawasaki CR1100 Rickman Kawasaki CR1100  
1982 Rickman Predator 1000CR

Rickman Predator 1000CR Air cooled, four stroke, transverse four cylinder, DOHC, 2 valves per cylinder.

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