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Sanglas Classic Bikes

Founded in Barcelona in 1942, Sanglas differed from other Spanish firms by ignoring racing in favour of simple low-revving four-stroke singles, which were popular with civilians and police for many years. In the 1960s the firm also built two-strokes, known as Rovenas using engines from Villiers and Zundapp. In the late 1970s Sanglas became involved with Yamaha, initially by using the XS400 twin engine in a roadster called the 400Y. The bike was reasonably successful but in 1981 the Spanish firm was taken over by Yamaha and shortly afterwards the Sanglas name was dropped altogether.

The Sanglas was made at Barcelona, Spain from 1945 - 1981

Bike Image Description
1971 Sanglass 400T Sanglass 400T Moto Piston Rally 2008, pic by Phil gunn.
1971 Sanglas 400T Custom 1971 Sanglass 400T Custom Kawasaki Z900 front end.
1974 Sanglas 400 E Electrico Sanglas 400 E Electrico

ex Irish Army Presidential Escort Machine 1st Registered 1974.

Pic by Phil gunn

1974 Sanglass 400E Sanglass 400E Duncannon Fort 2005 023 Sanglas 400E Ciarian Flynn
1974 Sanglass 400 E Sanglass 400 E Moto Piston Rally 2008, pic by Phil gunn.
1979 Sanglass 500 S2 V5 Sanglass Classic Bike

This is the last model and was made in 1979, it is one of about 60 imported to the uk, before the Sanglas business closed.

The 500 S2 V5 is an overhead valve single cylinder motor, with Amal concentric carb, 12 volt alternator and electric starter, aswell as kickstart. It has a five speed gearbox and chain drive. Brakes are Brembo twin piston calipers and cast iron discs.

Sanglas 500 S2 Road Test

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