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Scott Classic Motorcycles

The basic design of the last motorcycles produced by Scott in 1960 used much the same engine design as the first ones made in 1909. The two-stroke twin-cylinder engines were water-cooled and their purring exhaust note was very distinctive. Scotts were also amongst the first motorcycles to have kick-starts - no other manufacturer enjoyed more faithful support from their customers over the years. Scott motorcycle history.

Bike Image Description
1929 Scott 500cc, 2-speed long tank 1929 Scott 500cc, 2-speed long tank
1929 Scott Combo, 500cc 1929 Scott Combo, 500cc
1928 Squirrel Scott Squirrel
  • Engine - 596cc, Parallel twin-cylinder water-cooled two-stroke
  • Launched - 1926-1940
  • Gearbox - three-speed with hand change
  • Carburettor - Binks
  • Weight - 325lb
  • Wheelbase - 55.5in
  • Top Speed - 70 mph
  • More Scott Squirrel information.

    Scott Flying Squirrel 600cc 1948 (Shipley) SCOTT FLYING SQUIRREL 600cc 1948 (Shipley)
    1929 Scott Squirrel Sports 1929 Scott Squirrel Sports
    1929 Scott Flyer Deluxe 1929 Scott Flyer Deluxe
    1933 Scott Flying Squirrel Scott Flying Squirrel

    Scott 1933 500 cc Flying Squirrel, one of the last light 3 speeders, has the potential to be made into a Sprint Special Replica.

    Fitted with 500 cc blind head engine, 3 speed gearbox with external footchange mechanism,
    Brampton forks and front wheel with finned brake drum, rear wheel Enfield type.

    1939 Scott Flying Squirrel GP Scott Flying Squirrel GP 595cc 2-stroke engine with 2 cylinders, watercooled and has a 3 speed gearbox.
    1939 Scott Autocycle
    Scott Autocycle

    One of the earliest and longest lived autocycles, the Cyc-Auto had first appeared during 1934 and would remain in production, with revisions until 1958. Early variants featured a front mounted magneto, with later Villiers powered examples adopting a flywheel magneto. Following the companies sale to the Scott a clutch was added behind the engine, although the drive was still taken by a shaft and worm drive to the bottom bracket on the frame. Scott rationalised the range, offering either a ladies or a gents model, in standard, or as presented here, deluxe form. The deluxe variants were equipped with a sprung front fork and drum front brake in place of the calliper type fitted to the standard machine.

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    1958 Scott Flying Squirrel 1958 Scott Flying Squirrel Here we have a rare model of the classic Birmingham Flying Squirrel 1958 599cc.
    1959 Birmingham Scott 1959 Birmingham Scott 596cc.
    Scott Special Scott Special
    Scott Special II Scott Special II

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