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Sun Motorcycles

The Sun Cycle Fittings Company in Birmingham produced their first motorcycle in 1911. At first Precision engines were used; in 1913 a model was marketed with the short-lived Villiers inlet-over exhaust unit construction engine; from 1914 on Villiers two-strokes were fitted. Afterwards also engines from the Valveless Two Stroke company were bought in. Later on Sun bought that company and produced the Vitesse )engine themselves. In the twenties also JAP and Blackburne power sources were employed. In the thirties light two-strokes and autocycles were made and in the fifties all Suns had light Villiers engines. In 1959 Sun became part of the TI group and in 1961 motorcycle production ceased.

Bike Image Description
1911 Sun Precision TT Sun Precision TT Veteran Racer.
1912 Sun 1912 Sun 498cc.
1922 1.5HP Sun 1922 1.5HP Sun Image kindly provided by
1923 Sun onbekend, 285cc 1923 Sun onbekend, 285cc
1924 Sun 2.5 hp 1924 Sun 2.5hp
1931 Sun Sun Tourer 98cc tourer Villiers engine
1948 Sun 1948 Sun 98cc Villiers engine.
1952 Sun Challenger Sun Challenger
1952 Sun Villiers 98cc 1952 Sun Villiers 98cc
1953 Sun Challenge 1953 Sun Challenge  
1954 Sun Challenger Deluxe Sun Challenger Deluxe  
1954 Sun Motorcycle 1954 Sun Motorcycle 98cc Villiers petrol engine.
1955 Sun 98 Sun 98  
1959 Sun Wasp Overlander Sun Wasp Overlander Villiers twin 2T 250cc engine.
1963 Sun Wasp Scooter Sun Wasp Scooter 175cc

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