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Suzuki GSX1100S Katana

1994 Suzuki GSX1100 S Katana

The Final Edition

1994 year's GSX1100SR had different technical specifications for the first time since launch in 1981. Even the engine had different character. As the earlier versions had 111 bhp, the new version of the engine was powered down to 95 bhp. The torque was also decreased, from 9.8 kg-m at 6,500 rpm to 8.6 kg-m at 4,000 rpm. The displacement, bore and stroke were still the same but the carburettors different and the oil capacity was increased from 4 litres to 4,2. The ignition advance system became digital. When decreasing the power output, even the top speed on the When decreasing the power output, even the top speed on the speedometer was limited from 240 km/h to 180 km/h. The tank was made smaller, from 22 litres to 19. The clutch was now electrically power assisted and the front suspension infinitely adjustable. Rear shocks were updated from traditional upright shockers to modern double tube upside down type shockers with gas chamber attached to the side. The rear wheel was stretched from 17" to 19" in diameter (the front wheel was still 19").

The seat material was altered from buckskin type to vinyl leather. The decreasing of top speed, engine character and lowering the seat height was apparently a way of changing the character of the Katana closer to a sport tourer rather than being a pure high speed machine. The double cradle frame was no longer the way to build high-speed racers but no such radical changes like changing the frame construction on the Katana were ever made.