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Suzuki GSX550 Gallery

Bike Image Description
1983 Suzuki GSX550 E Suzuki GSX550 E
  • Dry-Weight - 216 kg
  • Fuel Capacity - 18 Litres
  • Consumption average - 44 mpg
  • Standing ¼ Mile - 13.3 sec
  • Top Speed - 116 mph
1983 Suzuki GSX550 Suzuki GSX550

572cc, 61bhp.

Suzuki GSX 550 road test

1983 Suzuki GSX550 ES Suzuki GSX550 ES The 550 is every boy racer's dream. It fairly rocketed to its top speed of 123.44mph and recorded a mean two-way prone speed of 121.94mph. The mean top speed was slightly higher than all the other 550s but its top one way speed was down on both the Kawasaki and the Honda. This may seem disappointing but it blew the opposition into the weeds on the quarter-mile strip, returning times that were considered respectable for a mega bike of only a few years ago the Kawasaki ZR1000, Suzy GS750 and Honda CB750 couldn't match the 550's 12.63sec/104.94mph best quarter-mile dash.
1984 Suzuki GSX550 ES 1984 Suzuki GSX550 ES  
1984 Suzuki GSX550 E 1984 Suzuki GSX550 E Air/oil cooled four stroke, transverse four cylinder, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder.
1985 Suzuki GSX550 EF Suzuki GSX550 EF
  • Dry-Weight / Wet-Weight - 196 kg / 216 kg
  • Fuel Capacity - 18 Litres
  • Consumption average - 48 mpg
  • Standing ¼ Mile - 12.8 sec
  • Top Speed - 119.8 mph
1985 Suzuki GSX550 ES GSX550  
1987 Suzuki GSX550ER Suzuki GSX550 ER  
1988 Suzuki GSX550 1988 GSX550  

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