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Suzuki SP370

Suzuki SP370

Chassis: Lightened and powder coated frame.  LX swinging-arm (to allow wider tyre) with new s/arm roller bearings and Hagon shocks.  Respoked with Akront rims, new wheel bearings and new Avon racing AM22/23 tyres.  Skimmed/machined rear drum brake with new shoes and springs.  Skimmed and lightened front disc.  Front Lockheed calliper with new EBC racing pads.  Adjustable (AP CP3125) front brake master cylinder.  Adjustable Tomaselli bars on Showa forks with new headstock bearings.  Scitsu electronic tacho.  Vic Camp (replica) glassfibre seat with integral engine breather/catch tank.   Glassfibre fuel tank.  Meadspeed RG500 MkIII fairing.

Engine: Bored to 88mm and stroked to 80mm (493cc). 

Rebuilt cylinder head with new (larger) Nucleus valves, valve springs, valve seats re-profiled/multi-angle cut, Nucleus valve guides, gas flowed ports, reshaped combustion chamber.  40mm Amal MKII carburettor with K+N filter (+ alloy bellmouth).  Newman cam.  Tony Cook exhaust. 

Crankshaft stroked, lightened and rebalanced ( with new big-end, new con-rod and new main bearings.  MX clutch with new plates and springs.  Boyer Bransden ignition.  Barrel rebored with new OE Suzuki +0.5mm piston, rings, g/pin, etc.  Engine rebuilt and blueprinted throughout with new OE bearings, seals, bushes, spacers, gaskets, circlips, filter, etc.