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Suzuki T20 classic race bike

Suzuki T20 Classic Race BikeSuzuki T20 Suzuki T20  Classic


  • Rebuilt Yamaha RD crank conversion using the bearings to fit the T20 crankcase without boring them out.
  • Nova straight cut primary gears to prevent side thrust from the crank
  • High first gear from Crooks Suzuki.
  • 32mm Mikuni carburettors jetted to suit
  • Alloy spacers & carburettor manifolds to suit the 32mm carbs
  • Clutch plates & springs.
  • Engine bearings throughout
  • Steeering taper head bearings.
  • Kawaskai type steering damper.
  • Race Products clip-on handlebars. Domino TZ style Q/A throttle & grips. Clutch & brake levers
  • Fibreglass front mudguard from Ragged Edge Racing(the first 18" one out the mould)
  • Shortened front brake cable from Venhill
  • Honda Cr125 54mm pistons, YZ125 small ends.
  • Wheel bearings front/rear with new brake shoes.
  • Chrome spokes in the wheels
  • RGV250 sigle outlet fuel tap
  • Sprockets front 13/14 tooth rear 46/47/48 in alloy with a H/duty 428 chain fitted.

As well as the new parts Yamaha RD250 34mm forks & yokes have been fitted to give better handling, the frame has been strengthened along with the rubber mounting of the engine using TZ engine mounts as shown on the T20 website. This website also follows the progress of this bike whilst I was building it in the racing/tuning section.The swinging arm has been lengthened which is the norm with these bikes.

The wheels are both Akront rims with the front being flanged & 1.85 wide, the rear flangless & 2.5 wide with both wearing Avon race compound tyres that would easily do the rest of the season. New tubes & rim tapes were fitted at beginning of the season.

The barrels have been tuned by myself & are of the 4 port variety but can hold it's own with the more common Fahron tuned bikes that it has been up against. The last meeting it did was the Bob McIntyre in June 2008 where it was 2nd overall in the 250 class on both days over the weekend. There was only two other T20s that came home in front of it & both have had a LOT more money spent on them. The gearbox selector drum has had the mod to prevent you needing to select neutral before going down to first gear. The front brake is still the T20 2LS drum but has been lightened & has some racing shoes in it which is quite effective. A Femsa ignition is fitted.

At the Bob McIntyre meeting I posted my fastest lap of 1min 16.8 seconds making it the 3rd fastest T20 over the weekend.