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Suzuki T500 Gallery

When Suzuki first introduced the T500 it held the distinction of being one of the fastest two stroke motorcycles available. Regular revisions to the styling and a well justified reputation for longevity resulted in a lengthy production run.

Bike Image Description
1968 Suzuki T500 (Cobra) 1968 Suzuki T500 (Cobra) 190kg.
1969 Suzuki T500 Cobra
Suzuki T500 Cobra

This well known example of the rare T500 Cobra Mk1 has been featured in numerous publications since its restoration by Don Leeson in the early eighties.
It is finished in gold with chrome plated tank panels, mudguards, fork legs, grab rail and chain-guard. Unlike sister machines in the range the Cobra featured twin instruments mounted above the distinctive horseshoe headlamp finished in the same colour as the rest of the bodywork as are the headlamp brackets and rear shock absorber shrouds.

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1971 Suzuki T500R Suzuki T500 R  
1972 Suzuki T500 T500  
1972 Suzuki T500 Cobra Suzuki T500  Cobra US import.
1974 Suzuki T500M Suzuki T500M 44bhp.
1974 Suzuki T500
Suzuki T500  
1974 Suzuki T500
1974 Suzuki T500  
1975 Suzuki T500 Suzuki T500  
1975 Suzuki T500 T500 Model M.
1975 Suzuki T500 Suzuki T500  

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