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Testi Classic Motorcycles

The Bologna factory began manufacture of 49cc lightweights in 1951 with Sachs engines, later using both DEMM and FB-Minarelli 49cc two-strokes. They also built a 147cc Sachs engined motorcycle to extend their range of mopeds, mofas and miniscooters.

Bike Image Description
Testi Corsa 2000 Testi Corsa 2000 125cc.
1964 Testa TS 4 1964 Testa TS 4  
1968 Testi Grand Prix 50 Sport 1968 Testi Grand Prix 50 Sport  
1975 Testi Champion Lusso P6 Testi Champion Lusso P6 This is a full power unrestricted P6 six-speed Minarelli engine machine.