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Tribsa Classic Motorcycles

The Tribsa was a modified Cafe racer motorcycle of the 1960s-1970s, the name coming from a contraction of Triumph and BSA (the Birmingham Small Arms Company) - the two brands of motorcycle combined.

The intention was to combine the best elements of each to give a superior bike to either. The usual practice was to take the Triumph parallel twin engine and use it to replace the engine on a B series BSA motorcycle which were generally single cylinder. The Triumph engine gave good performance and reliability and could be tuned easily for greater power.The Tribsa was an alternative to the Triton which was a Triumph engine in a Norton "featherbed" frame.

Bike Image Description
1956 Tribsa 500 Special Superb 1956 Tribsa 500 Special Superb
1958 Tribsa 750 Pre Unit Scrambler 1958 Tribsa 750 Pre Unit Scrambler The engine is a pre unit Triumph T110 with 750 barrels. The crankshaft is a later Triumph type with billet conrods fitted to cope with extra power. The cylinder head has been converted to run on unleaded fuel. This bike also has an electronic ignition which is a PVL system generated off the crankshaft. The clutch is a Yamaha RD350 so no more clutch slipping. The front forks are Norton held with slap alloy yokes. The rear shocks are specially adapted Ohlins. Wheels are Matchless on front and BSA Crinkle on rear with an alloy hub that is half the weight of its steel brother. Frame is a replica A10 made from stronger gauge material and also benefiting from oil in the frame. Fuel tank is a standard BSA Victor Scrambles tank. Mudguards are alloy and tyres are both brand new Michelins.
1960 Tribsa 500 Twin 1960 Tribsa 500 Twin
1971 Tribsa 500 Tribsa 500 The engine is a Triumph T100R 500 1971 / 2 unit twin - arguably one the best of the 60's / 70's unit twins that Triumph designed and manufactured. It has twin carbs, twin coil ignition, and has been fitted with an 'electronic' points conversion (probably Boyer). Some external changes suggest that appears to have been owned by a past enthusiast i.e it is fitted with twin performance air filters and the rocker covers have been neatly wired.

The frame and running gear are from a 1971 BSA B25SS complete with the optional larger 8" TLS front brake.