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Triumph Grand Prix

Triumph GP

The Grand Prix Triumph was introduced for use in competition in 1948 as a development from the competition shop of a design introduced some 11 years earlier, with some of the upgrading originating from wartime development work on generator power units!

Powered by a well modified T100 motor with lightened and polished crankshaft with roller bearings, heavy duty conrods and dry sump lubrication, BTH racing magneto, raised compression and a lightweight alloy cylinder barrel and head fitted with lightened, polished valvegear and twin Amal Carbs, the Grand Prix was an immediate success.

Cycle parts used were based on the T100, but modifications to standard included up rated brakes, close ratio gears and exposed primary drive. It is thought that production figures were in the order of 150 -200.

As with most competition bikes modification and development is inevitable and almost continual, with many passing from one racer to the next at the end of the seasons racing, and parts being replaced frequently to 'keep them going,' it is not unusual the little or no record of the machine's racing history has been documented, with only very few remaining with all of their original factory fitted components and a certain history.

Triumph Grand PrixIt is however known that frame TF27528R is an original Grand Prix frame, supplied to Autohaus Emiltuss on August 14th 1949, and it is thought that the current motor came from Arthur Wheeler.

A 'nut and bolt' restoration ' back to original specification' has been carried out by a well know restorer to produce a very pleasing machine, and we are advised by the vendor that the bike is featured with its current owner in Don Morley's book on the history of Triumph motorcycles.
Totally authentic machines very rarely come to the open market; by this fact alone the machine offered today must surely represent an outstanding opportunity to the racing Triumph collector?

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