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Triumph Slippery Sam Replica

Triumph Slippery Sam Replica

Created by Les Williams the legendary figure behind the most celebrated "Triumph Racer of All". The only machine ever to win five TT races in the 'Isle of Man' in five consecutive years.

"Slippery Sam was one of three similar models built for the 1970 production TT, one of which was ridden by Malcolm Uphill who won the race at 97.71 m.p.h.

"Slippery Sam" went on to achieve the following race success's.

  • 1971 TT Ray Pickersgill 1st 100.07 mph
  • 1972 TT Ray Pickersgill 1st 100.00 mph
  • 1973 TT Tony Jefferies 1st 95.62 mph
  • 1974 TT Mick Grant 1st 99.72 mph
  • 1975 TT Dave Croxford 1st 99.60 mph}
  • 1975 TT Alex George 1st 99.60 mph}

The fastest TT lap being achieve by Alex George.

The "Slippery Sam" nickname was coined during the 1970 Boldor 24 hour race in France, when a malfunctioning oil pump plastered the bike, and riders, Percy Tait, and Steve Jolly with oil.

This particular example is correct in every way. It is CRMC registered with the correct eligibility certificate, and is certainly well know within the "Classic Racing Motorcycle Club".


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