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Triumph Thunderbird Gallery

Triumph Thunderbird History

1949 - Original Thunderbird 6T. This used a bored-out version of the earlier Speed-Twin's 500cc parallel-twin engine. At 650cc it was just over a third of the capacity of the latest Thunderbird. The original bike's cause was helped by Marlon Brando in 1953 when he rode one in The Wild One,

1981 - Meriden Thunderbird TR65. This was a short-stroke version of the T140 Bonneville engine (ie another parallel twin) made in the final years before Triumph imploded in 1983. The engine was 650cc, though this time the model spawned a vile custom version which was never made.

1994 - Hinckley Thunderbird 900. This was among the first of new bikes made at John Bloor's Hinckley factory and, once again, was aimed at the American audience. It broke the mould, in that it used a triple engine, versions of which powered various other Hinckley Triumphs.

Bike Image Description
1949 650cc 6T Triumph Thunderbird 1949 650cc 6T Triumph Thunderbird  
1951 Triumph 650 Thunderbird 1951 Triumph 650 Thunderbird  
1958 Triumph Thundeerbird 6T 1958 Triumph Thundeerbird 6T Rare gold 6T Thunderbird in immaculate all round condition.
1960 Triumph Thunderbird 650cc TRIUMPH THUNDERBIRD 650cc 1960
1962 Triumph Thunderbird, 650cc 1962 Triumph Thunderbird, 650cc
1964 Triumph Thunderbird Triumph Thunderbird
1981 Triumph Thunderbird TR65 Triumph Thunderbird TR65
  • Air cooled, four stroke, parallel twin cylinder, OHV
  • 42bhp @ 6500rpm
  • 5 speed
  • 185kg

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