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White Heather 4hp

White Heather 4hp

Possibly due to the influence of its name, the White Heather is a fortunate survivor of the era of assembly machines. The badge on the fuel tank bears the name of McIntosh, Coventry, by whom the machine was assembled from a multiplicity of bought-out components and the complete model is the only known example.

It is probable that the frame fittings and front forks - braced but unsprung - were supplied by Chater-Lea, an indication of this being the marking on one of the components of the steering head. The frame is of substantial construction, some items showing the influence of heavy engineering practice and houses the VAF engine. This is a 4 hp side valve unit manufactured by V Antoine Fils of Liege, Belgium, which firm was well known supplier of engines as well as building complete motorcycles. Antione also supplied car and aero engines in the pioneer days.

The engine features chain driven Bosch magneto ignition, a two lever carburettor and total loss lubrication from the hand pump mounted on the fuel tank. Transmission is by direct belt drive and the footbrake is a block operating against the inside of the belt rim. The brake pedal is mounted on the near-side as part of the footrest assembly. Tyres are 26 x 2.25in.