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Yamaha FJ1200 Gallery

Basing on the success of the FJ1100, Yamaha decided, in 1986, to boost performance and add upgraded suspension and other components. The result was the FJ1200. Produced virtually the same from 1986 through 1989, a slight update of the bodywork kept the model line current through 1993, when Yamaha discontinued the FJ.

Other liter-class motorcycles produce more peak horsepower and handle better than the FJ but the Yamaha’s beauty becomes apparent as sure as its odometer racks up miles.

The bike’s main competitors during its production years were mainly the BMW’s K100RS, Suzuki’s 1100 Katana and Kawasaki’s ZX-10.

Weight and sheer size are the major chinks in the FJ’s armor when it comes to the road battle with newer, liter bikes. Weighing 588 pounds wet, it’s considerably heavier than the modern racers; the FZR 1000 weighs 522 pounds and the GSXR 1000 weighs 532. The FJ’s wheelbase stretches to 58.7 inches, while the biggest FZR’s wheelbase is 57 inches, and the GSXR’s 56.7 inches.

Bike Image Description
Yamaha FJ1200 Yamaha FJ1200
  • Engine - 1200cc, 4 cylinder inline, aircooled, DOHC, 4 valves/cylinder, 4 carburetors
  • Horsepower - 103bhp at back wheel @ 8500rpm
  • Top Speed - 150mph
  • Standing 1/4 mile - 11.0 sec
  • Weight - 265kg
  • Lanuched - 1986 - 1993. More info..
  • 1986 Yamaha FJ1200 1986 Yamaha FJ1200 The engine is the old 1100 bored out with a few detail changes to the transmission and a lighter, stainless steel exhaust system. To cope with the demand of the long-distance rider, two screens of different heights are delivered with the bike, and there's also an electric fuel tap mounted in the fairing, plus a clock. Although the base lines are sporting the FJ scores by being so uncomplicated and relaxing to ride.
    1987 Yamaha FJ1200 1987 Yamaha FJ1200 1TX.
    1988 Yamaha FJ1200 1988 Yamaha FJ1200  
    1988 Yamaha FJ1200 Yamaha FJ1200 3CV.
    1988 Yamaha FJ 1200 1988 Yamaha FJ 1200  
    1988 Yamaha FJ1200 Yamaha FJ 1200  
    1989 Yamaha FJ1200 1989 Yamaha FJ1200  
    1991 Yamaha FJ1200 FJ1200 3WX with ABS.
    1991 Yamaha FJ1200A Yamaha FJ1200A  
    1991 Yamaha FJ1200 1991 FJ1200 Combines a flexible motor with enough comfort to keep you in the saddle for hours at a time. Alternator is placed behind the cylinders to keep it narrower than its rivals. Lots of torque from the reliable 1200cc engine makes everyday riding a piece of cake!

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