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Yamaha FZ600 Gallery

The FZ's world is that of the no-compromise sportbike; and after years of coming up second- or third-best in the mid-displacement sportbike wars, Yamaha's entry finally has what it needs to slam the door on its competitors. That transformation involved sacrificing some of the all-around flexibility possessed by the FZ's predecessor, the FJ600, in order to make this new machine the finest pure sportbike in the class.

Bike Image Description
1986 Yamaha FZ600 1986 Yamaha FZ600  
1987 Yamaha FZ600 1987 Yamaha FZ600  
1988 Yamaha FZ600 Yamaha FZ600 Oil-cooled 600 in-line four.
1988 Yamaha FZ600 FZ600  
1988 Yamaha FZ600 1988 FZ600  
1988 Yamaha FZ600 Yamaha FZ600 1988  

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