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Yamaha TZ250 Gallery

The TZ series of 250 racing motorcycles underwent successive updates to ensure that they remained competitive both on the world stage and at a national level. In addition to the efforts of the factory, various specialist tuners were able to extract more performance for riders seeking that elusive edge over their rivals. In addition to tuning, other firms provided components to enable the machines capacity to be increased enabling it to compete in larger classes, a facility that was of great benefit to privateers.

Yamaha TZ250E

Introduced in 1978, the 'E' version of Yamaha's all-conquering TZ250 production racer featured a new chassis frame. Retaining the same 'monoshock' rear suspension layout (complete with adjustable pre-load and compression damping) as its forebears, it relocated the famous twin-cylinder, two-stroke water-cooled engine some 20mm further forward. Mounted on special alloy plates, this remarkable unit boasted Hitachi's automatically advancing / retarding CDI ignition system and Mikuni VM34SC carburettors. Reputed to develop 53bhp @ 10,500rpm, it was mated to a six-speed gearbox and reined in by front / rear disc brakes. A stepping stone in the careers of such riding greats as Kenny Roberts and Tom Herron etc, the TZ250's influence reverberates to this day.

Bike Image Description
Yamaha TZ250 TZ250  
Yamaha TZ250 Yamaha TZ250 More Yamaha TZ250 info..
1991 Yamaha TZ250B 1991 Yamaha TZ250B  
1976 Yamaha RD250 - TZ250 Replica Yamaha RD250 - TZ250 Replica  
1981 Yamaha TZ250B Yamaha TZ250B First of the "V" twins.
1980 RD 250 - TZ Replica RD 250 - TZ Replica  
1992 Yamaha TZ250 B Yamaha TZ250 B First of the factory v-twins, rebuilt to orginal factory spec.
1987 Yamaha TZ250 T 1987 Yamaha TZ250 T  
1980 Yamaha TZ250 G 1980 Yamaha TZ250 G  
1987 Yamaha TZ 250 T Yamaha TZ 250 100% original.
1989 Yamaha TZ250 W Yamaha TZ250 W  
1989 Yamaha TZ250 W 1989 Yamaha TZ250 W  
1989 Yamaha TZ250W 1989 Yamaha TZ250W Carlos Lavado Replica.
1994 Yamaha TZ 250F Yamaha TZ 250F  
1997 Yamaha TZ250 Yamaha TZ250  

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