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Yamaha TZ500 Gallery


A descendant of the mighty YZR500 (OW19) four-cylinder two-stroke Works bike that won first time out at the 1973 French Grand Prix (piloted by the immensely talented Jarno Saarinen), the TZ500 production racer was launched some six years later. Propelled by a bespoke piston-port four-cylinder engine mated to six-speed transmission, the use of mechanically operated 'powervalves' in the former and a cassette-style gear cluster in the latter were both features designed to increase its rider friendliness. Built around a 'monoshock' frame that was adjustable for compression / rebound damping and spring pre-load at the rear, it utilised a modified version of its TZ750 big brother's front fork sliders (complete with air caps). Last of the line, the 'J' version was introduced in 1982. In many ways a customer replica of the OW48R that Kenny Roberts had used to secure his third world title in 1980, the reversing of its outer two cylinders permitted the installation of a less restrictive exhaust manifold which in turn boosted power (the TZ500J was estimated to have comfortably in excess of 110bhp). Equipped with new 320mm Nissin front brakes (some 22mm up on its 'G' and 'H' predecessors), it reputedly weighed in at just 135kg. Comparatively rare even in period, survivors are now highly sought after.

Bike Image Description
1981 Yamaha TZ Yam TZ Yamaha TZ Chassis fitted with Honda XL 500 overhead cam engine, astra light wheels and spondon forks.
1980 Yamaha TZ500 1980 Yamaha TZ500  
1980 Yamaha TZ 500 G 1980 Yamaha TZ 500 G Fine example of a 1980's two stroke 500cc GP bike.

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