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Yamaha TZ750 Gallery


Intended to compete with the likes of the Suzuki TR750 and Kawasaki KR750, the Yamaha TZ750A production racer was launched in March 1974. Displacing just 694cc, its water-cooled two-stroke four-cylinder engine produced 90bhp @ 10,500rpm. Tempered by twin rear shock absorbers, its swing-arm frame also cradled a six-speed gearbox. Weighing just 157kg, it proved phenomenally quick but was upstaged the following year by the arrival of an improved 'B' version. Bored out to 747cc (though reputedly only after the initial forty-six TZ750Bs had been assembled), the newcomer also boasted a higher capacity water pump, gusseted exhaust system expansion chambers and a strengthened chain tensioner. Credited with 105bhp @ 10,500rpm, it was honed by such greats as Kel Carruthers, Giacomo Agostini and Kenny Roberts. Scoring its first victory at the 1974 Daytona 200 (a race it would win an amazing nine times), the TZ750 recorded its last one at Pocono in 1983.


The ultimate development of Yamaha's TZ750 production racer, the 'F' version appeared in 1979. Featuring the same shortened wheelbase and 'monoshock' swing-arm frame as its 'D' and 'E' predecessors, the new model was similarly marketed as a replica of the awesome YZR750 (OW31) Works GP machines. Benefiting from the adoption of six petal reed valves, its 747cc four-cylinder water-cooled two-stroke engine was credited with 120bhp @ 11,000rpm. Reputedly capable of nigh-on 190mph (depending upon the ratios fitted to its six-speed gearbox), the 'F' tipped the scales at just 152kg. As dominant in Europe and Australia as it was in America, the TZ750 was also ridden to great effect in the British Championship and Transatlantic Series by the likes of John Newbold, Dave Potter and Roger Marshall.

Bike Image Description
1977 Yamaha TZ 750 D 1977 Yamaha TZ 750 D This superb 1977 TZ 750 D is the first TZ 750 model with a cantilever suspension.
1979 Yamaha TZ750 TZ750  
Yamaha TZ750 Yamaha TZ750  

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