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Yamaha YD and YDS Gallery

Yamaha’s YDS series had evolved steadily from the YDS-1 introduced in 1959 through the YDS-2 of ’62 and then this YDS-3. One of the foremost Japanese sports models, it also won great popularity in the USA. As the first 2-cylinder model to adopt the Autolube system, it achieved unchallenged reliability and high-speed durability. Also adopting features like a 3-step adjustable shock absorber, this model represented a high-level marriage of engine performance, running performance and utility.

Bike Image Description
Yamaha YD-1 (1957) Yamaha YD-1 This is a model born out of a pursuit of design originality. In the development as well, the design elements proceeded the engineering. Taking as its key words “A 250cc for the Japanese,” it was given a compact and easy to ride body size that fit the Japanese physique. What’s more, it embodied a “Dynamic design” that gave the impression of powerful dynamism in any situation. It also mounted Yamaha’s first 2-cylinder engine. In a Japanese market dominated at the time by utility models, the YD-1 brought a new image of sports performance.
Yamaha YDS-1 (1959) Yamaha YDS-1 Further developing on the sporty performance of the YD-1, this new model mounted a 20hp engine on a steel-pipe cradle frame to achieve unprecedented running performance. Features like the first domestic-made 5-speed transmission and combination type instrument panel with engine tachometer caught the imagination of sports riders, who quickly nicknamed it “Japan’s first sports model.”
1959 Yamaha YDS1R "Asama Racer" Yamaha YDS1R
1960 Yamaha YDS2R Yamaha YDS2R 250cc.
Yamaha YDT1 Yamaha YDT1
Yamaha YD2 Yamaha YD2
Yamaha YD3 Yamaha YD3
Yamaha YDS-3 Yamaha YDS-3  
1962 Yamaha YD3 Yamaha YD3 This is one of the first Yamahas available in the USA in the early 60's.  It is a 2 stroke 250. 
1963 Yamaha YDS2 YDS2  
1964 Yamaha YDS3C Yamaha YDS3C
1969 Yamaha YDS6-C 1969 Yamaha YDS6-C 250cc
1971 Yamaha YDS-7 1971 Yamaha YDS-7

The YDS7 differed greatly from it's YDS6 predecessor.
One of the most important changes was the use of horizontally split crankcases. These had already been used by the 350cc YR series since its introduction in 1967. The position of the final drive chain also changed from the right to the left side. This was due to the re-introduction of the pushrod clutch release mechanism. Also, the over complex gear selection mechanism was done away with to be replaced by a rotating drum mechanism that was similar to the ones already in use on the YR range of bikes. A complete new set of gearbox ratios was also used. The frame was redsigned with particular attention paid to the rear sub-frame and the gusseting around this area. The styling was also heavily altered with the engine cases being painted satin black with two horizontal stipes on either side being polished. The barrels and heads were also painted black and the sides of the heads and the edges of the fins were polished. The styling was common to most Yamaha's (AS3, CS5, DS7 and YR5)at this time and the range was known as the Europa range.

1972 Yamaha YDS-7 1972 Yamaha YDS-7 The little Yamaha YDS7’s were little gems in their day, the building blocks for the RD250’s and the later RD250LC “Elsie” which are famous for launching a thousand racing careers, in the one make series. With 24hp being served up at 7500rpm they were as near to racing bikes as you could get and they were in fact raced quite successfully, this little air cooled 250cc twin was a 5 speed machine with drum brakes at the back and the front. The engine numbers were the same as the frame numbers so it is easy to see if the engine has been changed.
1972 Yamaha YDS7 1972 YDS7 German import.
1972 Yamaha YDS7 1972 Yamaha YDS7
1972 Yamaha YDS7 Yamaha YDS7 This is a 1972 Yamaha YDS7 and is in TZ style with TZ tank and seat unit. It has TLS front brake, fork brace, twin alloy bell mouthed mikuni’s, quick action Doherty race throttle and an expensive total loss electronic race ignition system.
1972 Yamaha YDS7 Yamaha YDS7 1972 249cc.
1973 Yamaha YDS7 1973 Yamaha YDS7  
1973 Yamaha YDS7 1973 YDS7  

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