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Yamaha YG1 Gallery

Mounting a rotary disk valve engine on a backbone type monocoque frame and boasting a number of features like waterproof brakes, a headlight nacelle and a megaphone type muffler, the YG-1 quickly became a popular model and a big hit in sales. With increased engine reliability through improved cooling performance and greater serviceability in the air filter, carburetor and clutch, this model represented a great combination of sportiness and utility.

Bike Image Description
1963 Yamaha YG1 1963 Yamaha YG1 80cc
1964 Yamaha YG-1 Yamaha YG1  
1965 Yamaha YG-1K Yamaha YG-1K 73cc, air-cooled, 2 stroke, 4 speed.
1966 Yamaha YGS1T Yamaha YGS1T  
1969 Yamaha YG1-K Yamaha YG1K  
1972 Yamaha YG1 YG1  
1973 Yamaha YG1 1973 Yamaha YG1  
1974 Yamaha YG-1 1974 Yamaha YG1 73cc.

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